Thursday, October 19, 2017

Big Girls Can Have Amazing Sex, Too!!

This is gonna be a fun one but maybe one that you don’t want to be caught reading at work!! We are going to talk about the big 3 letter word, SEX. More specifically, fat girl sex. I know some of you may find this difficult to believe but fat women have sex, and we have amazing sex!! Just because we may be overweight that does not mean that we don’t have sex and that definitely does not mean that we are only having sex with ugly desperate men.

This world would be so boring if everyone liked the same thing. I see numerous fat shamers in the world today who are too concerned about the size of someone else than they are their own shitty personality, and this can get depressing if you listen to the haters. Don’t listen to them! Believe it or not, a lot of men prefer big women! 

Big Girls: Don’t think for one minute that you have to settle for anyone who gives you a second glance. Men of all shapes and sizes like BBWs and even SSBBWs (super-sized bbws). This includes the buff gym rat and the hot guy down the street. Of course not every guy likes big girls just like maybe you don’t like big guys or skinny guys -- different people have different preferences so don’t feel that you have to just settle. Find a man who you are attracted to, lets you know how much he is attracted to you and makes you feel beautiful.

Big Girls and Sex

As a big girl, I know what it’s like to feel insecure and uncomfortable with your own body especially when it comes to sex. You don’t feel comfortable getting completely undressed especially with the lights on, so you attempt to cover up with a blanket or ensure that it is nice and dark.

But guess what? The guy in the room with you, he knows you are big and he thinks you are sexy as fuck!! Unless you are strutting around in spanx squishing up your fat rolls, he most likely knows that they are there and doesn’t care! He thinks you are sexy and most likely wants to see, touch, and kiss every inch of you. Let him! If you are too worried about how you look he will pick up on it and it will make the whole thing less enjoyable for both of you.

I’ve heard men say that sex with a thin woman can hurt because of protruding bones, especially if the guy is skinny, too, and the whole bone on bone thing, ouch! I’m definitely not thin shaming anyone, but I’m just passing on what I’ve heard. Some men are even worried that they will hurt a small woman so they hold back during sex because they don’t want to break her. They don’t have to worry about that with a BBW!

I’ve also heard many men say that they prefer sex with bigger women because they are just plain better at it. That makes sense. I mean, if we are already a bit insecure, we want to make sure that the man is very satisfied and will want to come back for more. Most of us try NOT to be a dead lay because that’s just boring and will leave the man disappointed. Sometimes the thinner beautiful woman thinks that she is doing him a favor by sleeping with him and that she doesn’t need to put any time or effort into it. Some men love the feel of a voluptuous body; they want someone they can cuddle with who will keep them warm at night.

Depending on your size (and his), some sex positions may be more difficult or uncomfortable. The key is to not be afraid to try new things. A good man will want to make sure that you are just as satisfied as he is so he will be more than willing to try new things with you and find out what works the best for both of you. I know, I know, you may feel embarrassed or even humiliated at first if a certain position doesn’t work, but believe me, he probably doesn’t care, he just wants to feel you the best way possible and he wants you to be comfortable! I'm sure he will love the view of you with your legs on his shoulders!

You have to get to a point where you realize that if a guy wants to have sex with you, it means he is attracted to you.. I mean, unless he is a complete piece of shit who only cares about getting his dick wet and not who it’s with, he finds you sexy!! Let your guard down, put your sexy panties on and rock it, girl! Feeling confident and sexy with yourself will only make him more attracted to you and the sex even better.

BBWs can still have amazing sex and enjoy every orgasm at any size! Don’t let your size inhibit you, learn to love and accept your size and be open and accommodating in the bedroom. You may be amazed at the difference a little confidence in the bedroom can make no matter what size you are.

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