Thursday, August 24, 2017

Top 20 Lies Men Tell Women While Dating

Ok, enough seriousness for awhile, it’s time to do something fun. I decided to try something new on my Instagram that I don’t normally do. I asked my followers what are some of the top lies that men tell. These can be for online dating or dating in general.
People lie. I try not to lie at all. I feel guilty if I lie, even a little white lie eats away at me, however not everyone feels the same way. Many people lie to get what they want. Men looking for a little action on the side are going to lie to get that action. They will lie and tell you everything you want to hear just to get into your pants without risking being caught. Single men will lie and tell you that you are the only one they are talking to so that you think they are interested in you and only you and you give them all of your attention in return. When things get out of hand, they get caught up in these lies and this is when ghosting happens.

Don’t get angry, men. I know not ALL men lie, and there are a few honest ones left. Unfortunately, in my experience, more men lie than tell the truth which makes it extremely difficult to trust the word of any man. When chatting online or via text, it’s even more difficult to know when someone is lying because you can’t look at their facial expressions or in their eyes. This makes lying easier for them and harder for us to detect.

So here we go, these are some of the comments I received in response to this question. **WARNING: some of these are of an adult nature.

Top 20 Lies That Men Tell Women

  1. dateosphere"I'm single."
  2. It_is_what_it_isntt I'm not like the others
  3. idratherdiealoneI hope it's not a problem, but I get told all the time my dick is too big. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  4. silllly_b "I'm really good at eating pussy" fucking lies
  5. It's not just about sex
  6. lalalizbeth I would never hurt you.
  7. vbruce33 Of course I respect you
  8. bleuskys29 Of course I'll call you after
  9. salt.n.bones Sorry my phone was charging....for 3 days?
  10. hemustbetheone "My ex is crazy." No, I'm sure she's not. I am, however, willing to get that you are a gaslighting softboi and pushed her over the edge.
  11. 1badkitten "I want to find that special person too! "This summer has been a garbage dump of this bullshit. Limp dicked party boys.
  12. sheisnotthesameanymore I was single for 6 years.and now,i'm ready to get serious again
  13. beachin_bliss She's lying, she's just jealous of you..... Piece of shit! Where are the real men at? Someone that makes their own money, not in financial ruins, lives on their own & can be faithful? I never realized it would be this hard to find the simplest things in a person. I took a year off & am so glad I did, I know what I want & I'm not settling…
  14. sweethaate ''I don't look at other girls.'
  15. myridiclife I'm 5'10"
  16. 321lesa "I don't lie."
  17. ms.pepperpottz "I don't sleep with just any girl. You're special" 🀦🀷
  18. kccat5 I promise I won't cum in your mouth😎
  19. senpai_ecshadow3 I wont send your nudes to anybody

As you can see, some of these are serious and some of these are meant to be funny. The fact is, you have to always have your guard up because people are full of shit especially when it comes to the dating scene. Don’t trust anyone until he has proven himself to you, otherwise, if you fall for every single thing they tell you, you will most likely end up getting hurt. Believe me, I learned this the hard way and it was not fun.

This is my number one advice when it comes to online dating: DON’T LIE! Lying is for losers who can’t be real men and just want to play games like immature little boys. I don’t know if women tell these types of dating lies, too but I’m pretty sure a lot of them do.

So let’s hear it from the men, what lies have women told you?? Leave it in the comments or send me a private email.

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