Friday, July 7, 2017

How To Catch A Lying Cheater On Online Dating Apps

Unfortunately, online date apps can be a cess pool for cheaters. This really makes sense if you think about how many relationships and marriages are destroyed these days due to infidelity. All of these dating apps make it much easier to find someone new to fool around with and keep things private than it was back in the old days when smartphones and dating apps didn't exist.

I am the victim of a cheater. My 11 year marriage was ruined by cheating, and after we were already separated I found out that this wasn’t his first time and that he had had multiple affairs and attempted to hit on numerous women online via Facebook and other social media sites. Nowadays, with the popularity of these online dating websites, the dating pool has gotten much much larger for these prowling cheaters.

I remember the first time I heard about that ashleymadison dating website that was made specifically for people who were looking to cheat on their spouses. They had literally millions of users that wanted to cheat. Disgusting.

You have a plethora of free online dating services to choose from these days and it’s pretty simple to set up a dating profile. You don’t have to prove that you are who you say you are or that anything you put in the profile is true. You can pretty much pretend to be anyone that you want to be and unfortunately, not everyone is as honest as you or I may be.

Anyone can make a profile and say that they are single looking to find that one true love of their life when they are actually in a miserable relationship that they can’t get out of or they are just looking to get some booty on the side because their wife or girlfriend isn’t giving it up as much as they would like.

This is what puts people like you and I at risk. How are we to know who is lying and who is telling the truth when dating online? Unfortunately, there isn’t one single way to know for sure when someone is or is not telling the truth however, there are some things to look out for. After awhile, you will be quick to catch some of the cheating red flags that are waving right in front of your face.

Signs that You Are Talking To A Liar or Cheater

  • No profile pic. They may tell you some lame excuse like, “I had a bad experience with a stalker once” or “I don’t want my ex finding me” but let’s face it, if they don’t have a profile pic it’s highly likely that it’s because they have something to hide.
  • Their status is marked as “it’s complicated”. Just leave that one alone. If it’s complicated for them then you don’t want to make it more complicated for yourself!
  • You try to make plans to meet but they seem resistant or they make plans and then at the last minute something comes up that they have to put off meeting up. I know that things do come up sometimes but if a person is truly single and truly into you, they will make all efforts to meet up with you.
  • They seem secretive or their stories don’t make sense. If you sense that something doesn’t seem quite right or something is ‘off’ then it probably is. Always trust your gut. I know it can be difficult to trust your gut instead of following your heart but let’s face it, your gut is right most times.
  • Ghosting. Yes, this is typically the biggest sign that someone is a liar or a cheater. If someone ghosts on you once things get more heated or serious, they are most likely hiding something and didn’t know how to get out of the situation. If someone ghosts on you and then pops up a few months later again with some lame excuse like, “I just got really busy at work” or some crap like that, don’t fall for it. No one forgets to text back for weeks or months at a time and then just pops up out of the blue like that with a good legitimate reason. Don’t fall for it because they will most likely do it to you again. I learned this lesson the hard way, a few times.

Ask a lot of questions whenever you meet someone new especially on dating websites. Ask them how long they have been single, what they are looking for..etc.. If someone is lying they will most likely forget their lies, making it easier for you to catch on to them. If a person is legit single and looking for a relationship, they will have no reason to lie to you or try to cover things up.

Remember, anyone can say anything online -- or even face to face for that matter. Not everyone is going to be truthful to you and you must be careful not to let too many feelings get involved especially when it comes to online dating services. Don’t rush into anything and don’t open your heart to anyone until you know that they truly are who they say that they are. You will save a lot of heartache that way.

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