Friday, June 30, 2017

Stop The Fat Shaming and Bullying!

I saw something the other day online that really upset me. It was a post about a new video game that created a plus size main character. I thought it was a cute idea and not that big of a deal until I began reading some of the comments. Apparently for some people, an overweight character was a huge deal and they responded by throwing around derogatory and disgusting comments about fat people. Body shaming at it’s finest right here.

This right here is what makes me self conscious. This is what makes my anxiety flare up wondering if everywhere I go some little twat is talking shit about me. I still can’t believe that some of these people have such a skewed view of overweight people in this day and age. First of all, what the FUCK gives you the right to judge ANYONE on what they look like or how they choose to live their life? NO ONE. Did your mama not teach you better? Did your mama not encourage you to treat everything with kindness and respect? Just because others don’t live the life that you do doesn’t mean that they are lower than you or that they are disgusting human beings. You know what IS disgusting? Judgmental closed minded bigoted pieces of shit who think they are better than everyone else. Guess what? My fat ass wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole or give you the time of day because I think you are a infantile boy-man.

… and I keep seeing it more and more. Here is another post that I saw. The comments were appalling. What is wrong with these people?

People who body shame anyone are only boasting their ignorance. Is your world so messed up that you feel the need to downgrade others to make yourself feel better? .. or are you just a dick head? Does spewing your hatred make you smile when you look in the mirror? Like, hey, baby, I’m an asshole who makes fun of people, how you doin?”.You are nothing but a bully who gets off on putting down others.

Being overweight isn’t as simple as overeating and being lazy. If anyone has ever watched my 600 lb Life, you know that most people who are at that high of a weight have suffered through tremendous abuse and mental issues which causes them to go to food for comfort. Stuffing themselves makes them feel better and it pushes the memories and trauma away. I know that these cases are extreme but no one just chooses to be fat or obese because it's fun. Traumatic experiences can make someone use substances as comfort. It doesn't have to be alcohol or drugs, it can easily be food.

How about bad habits taught at a young age? Unfortunately, for many lower-income people, fast food and cheap calorie filled foods are the only affordable option. If you grew up eating junk food and drinking sugary drinks, it’s all that you know and your body depends on it. It then becomes an addiction that you can’t rid yourself of. It’s like giving a child alcohol every single day, then when they turn 21 telling them not to drink. Unlike alcohol, the body can’t survive without food, so it is always there in our face everywhere we go, everywhere we look.

Certain medications and diseases can cause weight gain or if nothing else, slow down metabolism and make losing weight extremely hard. All bodies are different. I know people who can eat double, even triple as much as I can but they remain thin as a rail because they have a turbo charged metabolism. Is that MY fault? Many people with high metabolisms think that all overweight people just sit around stuffing their faces all day every day when in reality, it can be quite the opposite.

Just because we are overweight does not necessarily mean we are unhealthy. You don’t know what’s going on inside our bodies. A thin active person can be just as unhealthy. I know people who have lived a healthy lifestyle their entire lives, working out and eating healthy foods, only to die of a heart attack in their sleep.

Just because you were lucky enough to be blessed with a fast metabolism or you were raised in an environment where you ate healthy and worked out daily, making it a habit and just a part of life, does not give you the right to judge anyone else because they are not like you. Stop the bullying and the body shaming. You are no better than anyone else and your bullying is not going to make an overweight person change their ways. When you body shame someone you are just shouting to the world how ignorant and petty you are. Is that what you want? Being a bully isn't going to change someone's bad habits or make them suddenly decide to lose weight, in fact, it typically has the opposite effect. Think before you open your big fat mouth.


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