You can call me MeChell. I'm a divorced single mother of 3 who works full time along with running this blog. I have a lot to say and not enough time to say it all!

A little background on me: When my kids were younger, I was a work at home mom. At first, I did some online jobs that earned some spare money to help with finances. I then turned to one of my biggest passions: writing. I became a freelance writer and have had various pieces published throughout the internet world (unfortunately, these are all under my married name and not my current maiden name). I then turned to blogging where I ran 3 blogs, one being a work at home blog. It was fairly successful. I did not become rich off of it but I wasn't attempting to become rich. Once I got my college degree and went back out into the working world outside of the home, I put that blog on hold, since I wasn't working from home any longer. When my very ugly divorce began, I lost all interest in blogging and the other blogs got pushed to the wayside as well.

Since my divorce, I've tried into online dating. Online dating is an easier way for me due to my social anxiety, to meet new people. I've learned soo much about dating online since I first began this adventure and I've had so many experiences and wisdom that I want to share. Dating after a divorce is difficult. Dating as a single mom is difficult. Dating as an overweight woman is difficult. Dating with depression and anxiety is difficult. Dating is difficult. I want to share as much of my knowledge as I possibly can with others who may be going through the same things I have already gone through. I may not be an "expert" but I've got a lot of experience.

MeChell is not my real name. I am not comfortable yet with publishing this blog under my real name due to my ex-husband's current psychotic wife who continues to stalk me and attempts to defile my name on public forums. There are personal things that I post on this blog that I don't want her finding because she will do what she needs to do to make a joke out of it and try to humiliate me. It's just not worth it. Maybe in the future things will change and my real name will be revealed. MeChell is part of my name but this is one reason why I do not publish my full name or a real photo of myself.

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