Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Overeating Is A Disorder, Not An Easy Fix

When you hear the words "eating disorder" what do you think of?

Most likely, you think of anorexia or bulimia. You probably think of someone with a skeleton like body who is afraid to eat, or vomits up everything she eats in order to not gain weight.

If you saw a photo of someone who represented one of these eating disorders, just skin and bones with no fat on their body, would you laugh at them? Would you poke fun at them? Call them names? Would you body shame them? Would you tell them to just suck it up and go eat a burger? OK, there may be a few trolls out there who would, but most people would not. Instead, they would show them kindness and sympathy and hope that they can beat this eating disorder and have somewhat of a normal existence.

When you see an overweight or obese person do you feel the same sympathy for them? Do you look at them in disgust? Do you laugh or make jokes?

Do any of you fat shamers out there realize that overeating is considered an eating disorder? The same as anorexia and bulimia?

Don't believe me? Ask the mayo clinic.

When you have binge-eating disorder, you regularly eat too much food (binge) and feel a lack of control over your eating. You may eat quickly or eat more food than intended, even when you're not hungry, and you may continue eating even long after you're uncomfortably full.

After a binge, you may feel guilty, disgusted or ashamed by your behavior and the amount of food eaten. But you don't try to compensate for this behavior with excessive exercise or purging, as someone with bulimia or anorexia might. Embarrassment can lead to eating alone to hide your bingeing.

Why is it ok to ridicule and laugh at overweight people, but have sympathy for underweight people? Well, first of all, what gives you the right to ridicule ANYONE for how they look? You aren't God and you don't get to judge me or anyone else for how our bodies look. But why does it seem like it's more acceptable to hurt and belittle an overweight person, but sympathize with an anorexic?

Do you really believe that an overweight person wants to be overweight? They realize that they eat too much, but it's a compulsory reaction. We overeat to compensate for something else, we overeat because we are bored, we overeat because we are depressed. Food makes us feel better, the same as a drug or alcohol does others. Unless you have ever dealt with addiction, you can not possibly understand, especially when food is essential in life. We HAVE to eat. Food is everywhere we look, TV, online, on every street. It's always in our face.

How about instead of ridiculing them or making jokes about them, you be kind and supportive? Did you ever think of that? You can't force anyone to lose weight, just like you can't force someone to gain weight. They have to want to do it in order to be successful. Fat shaming someone just makes everything worse, especially someone who already suffers from depression and uses food as coping mechanism. You're just pushing them towards food, not away from it. Bullying has never "saved" anyone, in fact, it hurts instead of helps.

I read a story not too long ago of a woman who was overweight. She got cancer and lost a large amount of weight quickly. When she lost the weight, people began telling her how beautiful and healthy she looked. She was dying from cancer. She wasn't healthy because she was thin, she was thin because she was dying. You can not judge someone's health by the number on the scale! It's not possible.

I have always believed that bullies who feel the need to make fun of or be mean to others are only doing it because they are insecure with themselves. Obviously, they need to make themselves feel better by belittling others. Other people's bodies are not your business. You are not a doctor, you don't know their story, you don't know their health.

A quote that has stuck in my head is: Hurt People Hurt People.

Think about that one the next time you want to judge and bully someone else. How perfect are you? Why not give them a helping hand instead of stabbing them in the back? How about a little compassion?
Some Help For Compulsive Eating

My whole point of this post is that I don't think many people realize that overeating is an eating disorder. A disorder! Overweight people fight battles in their heads every day with what they eat and how much they eat. It's an addiction. They know that they eat too much and they know that it's not good for them, but the demons in their head have control.  You can't tell them to just "stop eating junk and go exercise". I mean, it sounds so simple, doesn't it? If it was so simple, then why would so many people be struggling with being overweight? It may sound simple to you, but it's not so simple to everyone else. You wouldn't tell a druggie to just, "stop doing drugs and go get a job", because you know it wouldn't be that simple to a drug addict. It's the same thing.

You're not a doctor. You're not a psychiatrist. Stop pretending to be both by spewing nonsense out of your ass about something you don't understand. It only makes you look like an asshole. Don't be an asshole.


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