Monday, July 16, 2018

Snowflakes: Stop Getting Offended Over Everything, Please!

It's the middle of 2018. We should have evolved by now. We aren't all riding around in flying cars yet, but guess what we do have? We have big balls of offended snowflakes who get their undies in a bunch every time someone says something that they don't agree with -- and most times it's over really stupid shit. Our ancestors would be so disappointed in what some of you have become.

This is something that has been bugging me for awhile -- the way that people get so butt hurt and offended over the smallest things. Why? What is the point of becoming offended? Why do you care so much about what other people say or do?

Myself, I don't get offended by much. I mean, you really have to be a complete douchebag asshole to offend me. Otherwise, I just live my life the way I want and don't give a second thought to what anyone else says or does.

It if doesn't affect me and doesn't hurt me or my family, why do I need to care about it?

Last week on my Instagram page, I posted a meme about how women body shame men just as much as men body shame women, for height, weight, muscle...etc.. It was a legit meme that I agreed with because women do body shame men for many reasons, but then cry if a man shames them. One of my followers made a comment to which I replied to, and then THIS happened:

This chick is seriously offended because I used the words "some females". Females. I mean -- really? And then she went on to argue with a male about the use of the word "females" and how offensive it is. Are you out of your fucking gourd? I JUST DON'T GET PEOPLE!! When did it become trendy to be offended by every stupid little thing? Because someone doesn't word something the way that you think it should be worded? Or because they said something you don't agree with, then you have to go on a tirade about it? Do people like this even realize how ridiculously idiotic it makes them look? Especially on a public forum like Instagram?

I see this kind of thing everywhere on social media. These snowflakes having a meltdown over something ridiculous like being called a female instead of a woman, so they spend hours upon hours attempting to get the other person to become "politically correct" in their eyes, or they report them and try to get their account suspended. That'll show 'em! Reporting someone over something they said that offended you is the equivalent of 5-year-oldld tattling on another kid.

The way I live my life is like this: my life, my family, my pets, my home, these are the things that matter to me the most. I don't feel that I need to waste my time throwing a temper tantrum over every little thing that I don't agree with. I keep my nose in my own business. People piss me off all the time. If I wanted to whine and cry about every single thing on social media that I don't agree with, I wouldn't have time to do anything else! I admit I do enjoy sometimes jumping into the middle of the snowflake tantrum and adding a few snarky comments here and there, but even that's minimal because I have so many better things to do with my time!!

How did we get here? What made these people so thin-skinned and bothered? Is it their parents' fault for raising these spoiled little babies to be so fragile? Do they think they are actually doing good by being whiners and complainers? What do they think they are accomplishing?

I have so many questions because I just don't get it!

Here's the thing.

There are billions of people in this country and even more in the entire world. We all have our own mind and our own opinions. It's not humanly possible for everyone to agree on everything. Just because you are going to get butthurt over someone else's opinion or even worse, how someone worded something, doesn't mean that anyone cares or that you are somehow going to get them to change their opinion. If you need to go to the cry room and cry it out, they probably have some at your local preschools. You can sit on one of those teeny little kiddie chairs and have a cry session because someone offended you.

Maybe parents should start raising their kids to have some guts again, and show them that they won't get their way by acting like little spoiled brats. Teach them to have tougher skin and that the whole world doesn't revolve around them. Parent like you mean it!

Mature grown adults don't throw temper tantrums when/if they don't get their way. You are obviously not a mature adult if you throw a hissy fit because of someone else's opinions or because they called you a female instead of a woman! Suck it up, Nancy, there are way too many more important things to worry about in this screwed up world we live in.

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