Tuesday, March 6, 2018

What To Expect When Dating Asian Women

Nowadays, the beauty of Asian women had garnered more attention than before. A lot of people had been noticing their fair appearances and their demure and conservative personality. That is why many men are considering dating Asian women.

If your White, Black, Latino or any other race and you plan to date an Asian woman, you have to understand that they are practically at the other end of the planet. Therefore, you should expect that their culture is extremely different from yours. The way they act may not be something that people of your race do. Here are some things you should expect when you are dating Asian Women.

Her Parents Won’t Like You... At Least At First

Asian parents treat their children like their property. They are basically the decision-makers of their child’s life. Your girlfriend’s entire life had already been planned out since she was baby from her career to her dating life. Because of this, her parents initially thinks that you are the destroyer of their plans. And yes, they are likely to be racists because most Asian parents believe that their children should marry within their nationality. However, if they see that you also want what is best for their daughter, then you will definitely earn a spot on their good side.

Her Parents Fuss Over Her... A Lot

Like what has mentioned above, Asian parents are in control of their daughter. So, expect them to fuss over daughter even around you. They are likely to comment on the way she looks whether it is positive or negative. They will say how pale, fat, ridiculous or anything she is even in public and it is not a rude thing to do. It is normal. So, do not feel sorry for her. Instead, encourage her that she looks fine to you despite what her parents say.

Eating Is Being Respectful

When you visit her and her family, expect them to serve you something to eat or drink. Whatever you do, do not reject whatever they offer you. Instead, eat it whether you like it or not. Serving food to a guest is a respectful act for Asians. That is why if you did not eat what they offered, you are considered disrespectful.

Shoes Are Off-Limits In Her House

It is traditional for Asians to remove their footwear when they enter their house. It is a sign of respect to the owner of the home. It is also believed to have a superstition underlying in that act. So, do not forget to remove your shoes when you enter her door. Just make sure your feet are clean and odorless and your toenails are well-manicured.

Chopsticks Are Daily Utensils

The most prominent thing you will notice on Asians is that they use chopsticks when they eat. Actually, they do not only use chopsticks for eating. They had discovered other creative uses for it. So, you should start learning how to use chopsticks. And besides, it is less likely that you will be given spoon and fork when you eat out. Eating with your hands is definitely a big NO.

Be Prepared To Eat Anything

Asian cuisine is nothing like any other cuisine. You will definitely feel the culture shock with the food they eat. Your Asian girlfriend will most likely be thrilled for you to try out this food. Be sure to prepare your taste buds and stomach for the experience. And remember, rejecting food is shamed upon.

They Pay Faster Than You

When on a date, it is typical for the guy to pay for their meal. But in Asian culture, paying for the meal is a race. The first one to get the bill will pay. So expect your Asian girlfriend to reach for the bill faster than you. This is definitely good, especially for your wallet. However, competing against her when paying the bill. And of course, try to win. If your girlfriend sees that you are not making any effort to pay, that will most likely be the last time you’ll ever date her.

She Has Expectations Towards You

Asians are very patronizing. They love being Asian. That is why your girlfriend will likely teach you how to live the Asian way. Because of that, she will expect a lot from you. She will expect you to say her full name right. She will expect you to learn a few phrases of her language. She will also expect you to follow a few Asian traditions. So, learn them.

Dating Asian women may seem nerve-wracking at a first glance. But actually, it is a learning experience. You do not get this introduced to Asia like how your girlfriend will do it. You will not only learn another perspective of the human race but also another side of love and dating that you will never experience in the west.


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