Friday, November 17, 2017

Beautiful For Just One Day

Do you ever look at someone of the same sex and think, "Holy shit, they are gorgeous!"? Not in a sexual type of way, but you just think that they are the epitome of beauty? I'm not talking about photoshopped women in magazines, I'm talking about real life people. You know the type -- perfectly curvy shaped body, fat in all the right places, and a beautiful face to go with it. I sometimes wonder to myself what it would be like to be beautiful like that for just one day.

I've always been a bigger girl since I was about 5 years old. I was the fat friend, the friend who used to go out with her friends and watch her friends get hit on by gorgeous men while I watched quietly from the corner. I was the one that guys would come to when they wanted to get advice about asking out my friend or to find out what they could do to get her to like him. I was always the one who was looked over -- I was always the one that guys just wanted to be friends with. "You're such a sweet girl, but I only like you as a friend" is one thing I have heard entirely too many times in my life. Obviously having a sweet disposition and a good personality isn't good enough for most people.

I see these other females with the so-called perfectly cute little curvy body and gorgeous faces, and think to myself what would it be like to look like them? How different would my life be?

Beautiful people are definitely treated better than the not-so-beautiful people. Strangers chat them up more, they get jobs easier, people hold doors for them more often and tend to want to help them out more. I can't imagine how much different their lives must be than mine. There is such a thing as beauty privilege, I believe. I've seen it happen with my own eyes many times. Beautiful people tend to have things handed to them easier and don't have to try as hard to prove themselves as being worthy of certain things. Hell, many "beautiful" people have things handed to them that they aren't even worthy of and only get because of their looks. Do they even realize how easy they have it??
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For just one day I would love to see what it felt like to be beautiful. I know, I know, we are all beautiful in our own way, blah, blah, blah -- but to truly be beautiful on the outside, not just the inside. What's it like to post photos on Facebook and get 2304824 comments telling you how beautiful you are (without 10 different filters), or to have multiple men at your disposal, being able to pick and choose which one you want.

But then I think, there are a lot of shallow men out there who only look at a woman's outside appearance. What happens once she gets older, she puts on a few pounds, and things start sagging all over the place? It happens to everyone. Are those shallow men going to still be there? Do these women often wonder if a man is after her just for her looks and not her personality? Does that bother them? I really don't know the answer to that because I don't have that problem! Do they realize how lucky they truly are? Society is judged by the outside. Beautiful people are definitely privileged, but they probably don't realize it.

Can someone wave their wand and make me beautiful for just one day? I just want to see how differently people would treat me and what it's like for one single day. You know how people put on a fat suit to see how they are treated for a few hours? Why can't I put on a beauty suit for 24 hours just to see? Does anyone else think about things like that? What do you wish you could be for just one day?
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