Friday, November 10, 2017

10 Mistakes Men Make On Dating Apps

Most of my advice is aimed towards women, although, most of it can be used for either sex. Today I'm going to give you men some advice and tell you the best things NOT to do on a dating site if you are serious about finding a date and a possible relationship.

Men and women think so much differently that it amazes me sometimes. It's easy for me to get upset about something a man does, but I have to remind myself that men do not think like women. Their thought process is completely different from ours. Something that might upset us, men probably think is no big deal. They may be hurting our feelings without even knowing it. They approach situations differently than women do. This can sometimes cause problems when it comes to relationships and dating because we often times assume that our partner thinks the same things or the same ways that we do, when they actually don't. This is why people have different opinions on various subjects and where arguments can ensue.

10 Mistakes Men Make on Dating Apps

Top 10 Mistakes Men Make On Dating Apps

  • Use almost nude photos in your profile -- no bathroom selfies of you in your underwear, or any photos with just your weiner covered. This tells us right away that you are only looking for one thing.
  • No hunting photos. Look, us ladies do not want to look at dead animals or big slimy dead fish. We don't care as much as you do!
  • Don't leave your profile blank or say things like "just ask" or "I will fill this out later" or "I'm not good at talking about myself so just hmu" -- how do you expect us to know whether or not we have something in common when you can't say one thing about yourself? How do you expect to spark our interest??
  • Do not send us messages saying, "hey" or "sup?" We most likely get a lot of messages from hungry men. If you want your message to stand out and get attention then put a little bit of effort into it.
  • Do not ask about sex within the first five messages -- or even in the first conversation at all! Look, we all enjoy sex, but most of us are looking for more than just a hook up and when you ask about sex right away, it tells us that it's the only thing on your mind and it might put us off.
  • NO DICK PICS! I can't say this enough!! MEN, we do not want to see it!!! We do not care!! We have probably received hundreds of dick pics and yours is not special!! We don't want to stroke your ego and tell you how huge it is. If we like you, things will get to that point eventually, so knock it off with the dick pics!!
  • Stop expecting us to put all of the effort into the chat. Make an effort to ask us questions or to send the first message/text. For me, if I feel like I am the only one making an effort in the conversation, I will ditch it and move on to someone who can show some interest.
  • Don't ghost!! If you start chatting with someone and feel that there is no connection, man up, grow some balls and just tell us that you don't think there is a connection. This way, we can move on and we don't have to wonder to ourselves what happened or if we did something wrong. Ghosting is so fucking rude!!!
  • Don't go on a dating site just looking for friends. Really? It's a DATING SITE, not a chit chat site. Most everyone is here to meet and hopefully eventually date. Why do people do this??
  • Don't lie. If you are not single, don't lie about it -- eventually, it will all come to light. If you are looking just to hook-up with someone and not date then be upfront about it. Don't just string us along making us think that you are seriously interested just to get some action. Just Don't. 
  • Don't swipe right on every single profile and then weed out the ones you are not interested in when you get matches. I can't believe this is even a thing! Only swipe right on people you are interested in getting to know -- otherwise, you may be getting someone's hopes up ]just to be let down when you don't respond or tell them you're not interested. 
Ok, this is actually 11, I added one last minute, but close enough. I can not believe how many men do these types of things on online dating sites. You have to try and put some effort into this whole dating thing if you are serious about it. If you are not serious about it then you need to get off of dating apps.

Online dating can be a scary place. So many people to choose from and you don't really know how someone is until you meet them. If you want to find someone to go out with and possibly establish a relationship with then you need to stop making these stupid mistakes.

Anyone have anything else to add to the list? Tell me in a comment!


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