Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Top 10 Online Dating Mistakes

Dating can be both intimidating and confusing at times. When it comes to online dating, the key is putting yourself out there to grab the attention of a possible mate. Unfortunately, you may also grab the attention of the wrong type of person as well but it’s typically pretty easy to block the catfish and trolls.

To be honest, there really is not one specific way of doing things that is going to guarantee you online dating success. We are all different, we all like different things, we are attracted to different people. What works for one person may not work for another person. When it comes to using dating apps, there are many mistakes that people make and don’t realize that they are lessening their chances of getting a good match or matches.

Top 10 Mistakes People Make on Dating Apps

  • No profile photo. I mean, it’s a dating app. Why would you not have a profile photo of yourself? A meme does not count! When other users see a profile without a photo, they think one of the following: A. You are married or in a serious relationship and hiding who you really are. Or B. You are extremely ugly and too embarrassed to post a real photo of yourself. I have heard the excuse that they don’t want co-workers seeing them on a dating app but the truth is if they see you on a dating app it’s because they are on it, too! Your photo is the first thing people look at. Without a photo in your dating profile, you are pretty much destroying your chances of finding good matches or anyone willing to talk to you.
  • Using photos of yourself with multiple people. This is one of my pet peeves. If your profile photo is a pic of you with 3 of your friends how is anyone supposed to know which one you are??? I always swipe left in this case. At least make your profile photo a pic of you and only you. The pic of you with your friends can be added to your profile later.
  • Not having a catchy title to your dating profile. “Pick me” is not going to get anyone’s attention.
  • Not filling out your profile. I hate it when I see the words, “I will fill this out later”. If you are putting in serious effort to date online then take a few minutes to fill it out properly!  You don’t have to write an essay! Just write down a few things that you like, don’t like, and what you are looking for.
  • Writing a book in your profile. It IS possible to go overboard in your profile. Writing 5 paragraphs going on and on and on about yourself is a bit irritating and will make most people lose interest real quick. Save something for an actual conversation.
  • Lie. Don’t lie in your profile. Don’t say in your profile that you have a high paying job, ride a Harley, and live in a mansion if you don’t. Eventually the truth will come out and no one likes a liar.
  • Don’t make the first move. I know it’s scary making the first move but what’s the worst that will happen? If they are a real dick they might say something rude back but that just shows you that you don’t need to waste your time with them anyway.
  • Don’t make the first message interesting. Attempting to start a conversation with a simple “hey” or “hi” is not going to win anyone over. You want to grab their interest and give them a reason to message you back.
  • Don’t make an effort to keep the conversation going. Another one of my pet peeves. I hate it when I am attempting to talk to someone but I am the only one doing the talking. I keep asking question after question with them only responding with short answers and not asking anything about me. If you are not interested, don’t waste my time, if you are interested then put some effort into it!
  • Let an opportunity slip away. If you are really diggin' someone, make a move before they get bored and move on to someone else. Ask them out on a date! That doesn’t mean ask them out within the first 5 messages but don’t wait forever, either. You may regret it.

A myriad of mistakes are made on online dating apps, however these are the most common mistakes that I have noticed a lot. If you are seriously looking to seek out a relationship then you have got to be willing to put some effort into it. It’s not just going to jump into your lap without you putting a little bit of work into it. The person on the other end may be just as apprehensive as you are but if one of you doesn’t make the first move nothing will ever change. Taking a chance and putting yourself out there is daunting but you never know what could be if you don’t try!
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