Friday, September 1, 2017

The Stupendous Guide To Online Dating

Have you recently become newly single? Do you have trouble meeting new people and getting dates? Maybe you're too shy to put yourself out there into the dating world?

Don't Fret!

I have just what you need once you are ready to dive head first into online dating!

You've heard the horror stories of online dating but there are numerous success stories as well of people finding love online. Even if you are not ready for a serious relationship but you just want to get yourself out there, meet new people, and go on a few dates, this is for you!

The Stupendous Guide
 To Online Dating
is here!

 I have been working on this product for MONTHS.

I have put my blood, sweat, and tears into this product to make online dating easier for you.

After an ugly divorce a few years ago, I was suddenly single and had no clue what to do. I'm a painfully shy introvert and find it very difficult to go out and meet new people, so online dating was the best choice for me. 

I have tried numerous online dating apps, many claiming to be 'free' only to discover that once you create an account and a profile, you have to PAY to send and/or receive messages and that your account is pretty much worthless unless you pay their monthly membership fees. So much time wasted!!

I've learned things the hard way. I've learned what to say and what not to say in my profile. I've learned what sort of photos to not use on dating apps and what photos work best.

I've also learned what works best for starting up conversations and keeping the conversations going to keep the other person "hooked".

I've been put down and used. I've been ghosted, I've been lied to and deceived. I've been catfished. I've been taken out on dates, and I also had some decent relationships along the way but in the beginning, I didn't know SHIT! I had no idea what I was getting into when I jumped into online dating. 

I have decided to pass my online dating knowledge on to you, so that you don't make the same mistakes and waste as much time as I did in the past.

This mini guide is 15 jam packed pages of information that includes:

  • Reviews (with screenshots) of the most popular free online dating sites out there right now
  • Tips on optimizing your dating profile to get the best results
  • Advice on starting up conversations with possible matches and how to keep the conversation interesting for both of you
  • First date tips
  • Safety tips for online dating
  • and more!
Don't waste your time making the same mistakes that I made. Get ahead of the game by learning the tricks of the trade before jumping head first.

For the month of October 2017 only, I am offering this guide at a discounted price of only $2.99

October 1, the price will go up to $4.99, so get it now and save yourself a few bucks!


The Stupendous Guide to Online Dating
⇘⇘⇘  only $2.99  ⇙⇙⇙

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