Thursday, July 13, 2017

Guess What? Men Get Ghosted, Too! It's Not Just Women..

I received a delightful message on Instagram the other day. As soon as I read this online dating story, I knew it would be perfect to post on here. I love reading about other’s experiences with online dating whether good or bad.

Ghosting sucks and it happens a lot but it’s nice to know that us women are not the only ones who have to deal with ghosting and the feelings that we are left with afterwards. I am posting this story with his permission....

I read your blog post about tattoo man. I liked it. Men also get ghosted. I have a good one for you.

Matched with a woman on Tinder. We talked daily. We sent texts pretty much all night for a couple of weeks. She was leaving for Europe in a few days. We never lost contact. After a few weeks she came home. One random evening she sent me a text:

I am out with my friends and I really want to meet you.

I said sure. She drove from Oakland to San Jose in really bad traffic. 45 min. Drive took two hours . We met up at a bar and had a few drinks then headed downtown where she demanded I held her hand. I was happy with that demand. She bought drinks, not that I didn't have any money. I offered to pay plenty of times and said this is on me. After a few hours she said fuck this let's get a hotel. I am thinking this girl is way out of my league. Am I being set up for a robbery?

I said sure let's go. We held hands all the way to the car. She demanded to pay for the room. I told her I can get it. She said no. We get to the room, I crack open a beer and turn on the tv. Hahaha what a dope. She turned it off and said fuck me. I was surprised. So that happened. In the morning we went and had bloody Marys and talked till late afternoon.

I figured hey if she could stand me all day and the next day maybe we can go out again. Nope never heard from her again.

You know how insecure that made me for months? All the question going through my head. My only healthy explanation is that as soon as this shit starts boy it's bound to end.

Christopher John Simpson
Tweet: As soon as this shit starts, it's bound to end.

Thanks Christopher for telling me your story and allowing me to post it here on the blog. I am always looking for stories like this to post, so if you have one that you would like to share, send it to me (using the Share Your Story link at the top)!!

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