Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How Pheromones Attract the Opposite Sex

We all wish that we could find a magic potion or spell that instantly attracts the opposite sex, right? Unfortunately there is no such magic potion however, pheromones can trigger certain reactions and attractions in both animals and humans. Think of it this way, how many females out there get turned on or some sort of blissful feeling whenever they get the scent of a good smelling man? Pheromones have been shown to cause sexual attraction in animals and insects so far and scientists are working on narrowing down the specific chemical pheromones that have the same effect on human beings. They know the effects that pheromones can have on the opposite sex, they just haven't been able to narrow down 100% which chemicals arouse a specific reaction or feeling. These pheromones do not have a scent so we don't consciously realize that we are interacting with them or that they are having an effect on us unlike good smelling cologne or perfume.

We all secrete these amorous chemicals just like animals and insects do but sometimes we just need a little boost to help us secrete more of them and possibly catch the attention of the man or woman that we have our eyes on. 

True Pheromones

True Pheromones specializes in producing high quality pheromones for minimal cost and the best part is that they offer a 100% refund if you are not satisfied, no questions asked! You use the pheromones the same as you would cologne or perfume, applying them to your pulse points (neck, wrists) and let them work their magic. You have a few different types of pheromones to choose from and they even have a patch that you can wear for quick application. 

Have you ever wondered how animals somehow signal to the opposite sex in the wild and attract their mate immediately? This is due to pheromones. There has to be something to it otherwise how else can you explain what happens in the animal kingdom? They don't have texting or dating sites in the animal world to send a flirt to the cutie down the road.

If you want to try something new in an attempt to attract the opposite sex, give these pheromones a try. If you don't feel that they are working for you, you can easily get your money back, so you are not putting yourself at much of a risk at all. Try it out and then come back here and report your experience in the comments! Have you ever used pheromones to attract the opposite sex?


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