Friday, April 14, 2017

Men Sending Dick Pics

Ok, single ladies. We all have a story to tell about dating no matter what our age is. I think that one thing we all have in common in this day and age when it comes to dating is that we have received too many dick pics! Who here agrees?  Have you ever wondered why men love to send pics of their penis to every female they chat up online? I’ve often wondered that myself.

I still don’t have a clear answer as to why men send dick pics. I think many of them get off on showing it to a woman. Come on, guys. Would you walk up to a random woman and just whip it out and be like, “tada, here’s my cock!”. Probably not, unless you have some mental issues that will put you behind bars for indecent exposure.

Here’s a public service announcement. Most women do not want to see your teeny peeny! Your tube steak is not so extremely special and unique that women are going to take one look at it and invite you over to show it to us up close and personal. No. That’s not how it works. That’s not how ANY of this works!!
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I’m far from a prude but I have seen so many dongs in my life time that I don’t even look at your pic most times. Stop sending them!! A REAL woman wants a guy to sweep her off of her feet, make her laugh and make her feel special, not just treated like a sex object. I need someone who can keep me interested. Your Richard is not going to keep me interested.In fact, if you send me a pic of your genitals, I will most likely stop talking to you all together.

When you send a woman a photo of your meat puppet, it shows her that you do not care about having a conversation and/or attempting to get to know her, you only care about yourself and your dirty wants and needs. This proves to us that you are a selfish prick of a man-child who only thinks with his pecker instead of the brain in his skull. It’s a turn off, and you look like a complete douche canoe when you do it.

An actual profile pic from an OKCupid profile.

You would think that the older men get, they would mature and realize that they should NOT send photos of their love steak to a possible love interest… but sadly, no, they don’t mature with age. Listen up guys, girls do not like seeing your skin flute no matter the size or shape of it, hard or limp, in fact, we probably either gag a little bit looking at it or laugh. Do you really want to know which reaction your pork sword gets??

Unless we are complete prudes who have lived in a cave, we have all seen one. They are not pretty or cute, so stop sending them!! If you are serious about finding a good solid relationship, you need to keep it in your pants and save that shit for later when the time is right.

Maybe some of you men out there can shed some light on this subject. Why do so many men enjoy sending photos of their hot dog to unsuspecting women? Is it really that much of a turn on? What do they think that women think of it?? Do they think we enjoy seeing it? Fess up boys, I'm waiting...

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