Saturday, February 4, 2017

Valentine's Day: Time To Get Your Sexy On!

Valentine's Day is coming soon and it will be here before we know it. I know this holiday can be a bit annoying with all of the cutesie little gifts vomited throughout every store you go into. If you have a special man in your life, it may be difficult to know what to get him for the big V-day because let's face it, men don't care about the cute little gifts or getting flowers or cards. Of course, it's the thought that counts but why don't you do something really special for your man this year?

One thing that I struggle with a lot is feeling comfortable in my body especially in the bedroom due to the extra weight. My man can tell me that I'm the sexiest woman in the world and that he loves every inch of my body but I still struggle with my own body image and feeling comfortable showing it in front of him.

What man doesn't love to see his woman in something sexy privately in the bedroom? Take a deep breath, remember all of the compliments he gives you, suck it up and do something really special for him this year. How about trying something like this:

This gorgeous plus size spaghetti strap purple satin nightie is to die for. Purple is my favorite color, especially dark purple and I absolutely love this. It's so pretty and shiny! (eeee!) and the best part of all is that it comes in sizes up to 4X and is on sale for only $11.07! You can't beat that price for plus size lingerie! Once he sees you in this nightie, his eyes will pop out of his head and let me guess that it probably won't be long until his hands are all over you and the nightie!

OR if you are having a romantic night out for Valentine's Day, why not surprise him by wearing something super sexy for the evening? Let him show you off a little bit in this fab little red dress. It's not too tight for those of you who are like me and are self conscious about the extra rolls and curves you may have, and this dress will extenuate every inch of you and make you pop! Your beau will be proud to have you on his arm in this:

For all of you plus size gals out there, size is not an issue with this Red Plus Size Wrap Up Dress with it coming in plus sizes up to 6X! and it is on sale right now for only $20.11. You really can't beat that price.

You could really give your man an amazing gift by wearing this dress out on the town for the night and then surprising him with this little purple nightie afterwards. Bowchikawawa! Get your sexy on girl, your man will absolutely love it. I think this is a great idea for a cheap Valentine's Day gift that your man will love and will make him proud to have you in his arms!

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