Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Plus Size Clothing: Cheap Priced Clothing that Looks Amazing!

It's that time once again -- shopping time! I do have to admit something first. I have a slight addiction with buying clothing. I like to look nice and wear clothing that makes me feel beautiful once in awhile. I don't get to feel that way often though because I work a lot and can't exactly show off my curves at work but on a fun night out, I know that if I look my best, I will feel great about myself which will boost my self confidence.

I think maybe another reason that I have this clothing addiction is because I have been bigger for most of my life, and I have always had a difficult time finding bigger size clothing that didn't look like a curtain sewn into a dress. Nowadays that are many clothing companies that cater to plus size ladies (and men) making plus size clothing much easier to find without spending an arm and a leg.

For instance, if I were going out for a fun night out with my friends, I would wear something like this:

This super sexy off shoulder plus size top comes in sizes up to 3X and has a great price tag to go along with it. Pair this with some skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans and some hot boots or heels and POW! The long sleeves make it perfect for this cooler time of year as well.

Or if you really want to shake things up a little bit, how about this hot little red number:

This top is just perfect for showing off some of your curves and your cleavage (come on, admit it, we all love to show off our boobage). This top also comes up to size 3X and right now is only $15.99!

I told you before that it is my goal to find some gorgeous plus size clothing that won't cost a bundle. We all work hard for our money and we should not be forced to pay ridiculously high prices for quality plus size fashion. We also deserve to have the ability to find clothing that fits us correctly and helps us to feel more confident and beautiful. I've spent too many years hiding underneath big baggy sweatshirts and pants feeling frumpy and ugly. Now the baggy clothing is saved for special lazy comfortable days at home, and I don't have to feel guilty for "splurging" on clothing for myself because you can't beat these prices.

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