Friday, February 17, 2017

Is Body Positivism Promoting Obesity?

These days, many different movements are swarming the social media platforms regarding body positivism such as No Body Shame and Eff Your Beauty Standards to name just a couple. These movements are promoting positive body images mainly focusing on females both young and old while also promoting positivity for men. While most of these movements have the intent of teaching women of all shapes and sizes to embrace and love their bodies, many focus more towards showing plus size women that they are just as beautiful as their thinner counterparts.

While I enjoy seeing the beautiful photos and the motivational quotes, I have come across a lot of negative comments stating that campaigns like these are promoting obesity and unhealthy eating habits.

Obviously, the people who are making these comments have never been fat a day in their life and will never understand how it feels. Anyone who is overweight (more than 10 lbs overweight, btw) can tell you numerous stories of being teased and taunted. Many of us have been called names in school or had cow sounds made at us walking down the street. We were taught that we were ugly, disgusting and that no one would ever want to love us. This type of abuse can have profound effects on our lives. If you are like me, you will spend your entire life disgusted with yourself, constantly feeling insecure, unwanted, and too ashamed to even look in the mirror at the reflection staring back at you. For many years, I walked with my head down ashamed of what I looked like and always on guard waiting for someone to make a mean comment towards me, and when they did, being forced to laugh it off and act as if it didn't bother me, even though it killed me inside.

I am now almost 40 years old and although my self-esteem has gotten better over the years, those insecurities are still there. Why shouldn't I learn to love myself? Why shouldn't I be told that I am beautiful at any size?

Even as adults, the fat word is thrown around a lot. As soon as someone decides they don't like another person, they call her "fat ass" or "fat bitch". What the Hell does being fat have to do with their personality? How did the word fat become a shameful thing? We ALL have fat on our bodies, every single one of us. SO WHAT? We also have hair on our bodies and fingernails, that doesn't mean that we are hair or fingernails does it? Whenever I hear someone use the word fat in a negative way, I always assume that they are not intelligent enough to come up with better wordage.

I don't know one single body positivity movement that is telling people, yes, it's ok to be overweight and unhealthy, go eat 5 more cheeseburgers so you can be even prettier! People can be overweight for many reasons, and lifelong habits can be extremely difficult to change. It's about learning to love yourself and who you are. No one is saying that they shouldn't lose weight or become healthier but when you are fighting the demons in your head, you need to know that you are still beautiful no matter what size or shape your body is. Many overweight women are fairly healthy, while many thinner women have a plethora of health problems. You certainly can't judge a book by its cover nor can you judge a person by their shell, but you can judge them by their bitter personality!

No one should feel ashamed or embarrassed of their body. Your body is unique. You are unique. Learn to love yourself both inside and out. You body shamers out there obviously don't love yourself on the inside because if you did, you wouldn't feel the need to shame others. Stop being a bully and focus on being a good-hearted person who can do something positive with their life.

Just because we are told that we can be proud of our bodies, that does not mean that anyone is promoting being overweight. Like I have stated before in my post The Truth About Being Fat, no one enjoys being fat and uncomfortable. If you haven't lived it, you can't possibly understand what it feels like mentally and physically, so please, shut your face.

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