Sunday, January 15, 2017

Plus Size Cold Shoulder Top and Some Killer Boots ta boot!

One of the objectives of this blog is to help boost self esteem and feeling positive about your body at any size. With that being said, I am going to be focusing more on plus size body positivism because this is what I know. I do understand that ultra thin women are discriminated against as well but I don't think it is equal to the amount of fat discrimination (I will have another post on that topic in the future). I also believe that thinner women have a lot better clothing and fashion options than bigger woman do, so this is why I am going to be promoting budget friendly plus size fashion clothing.

As many of us know, clothing can help boost your confidence and self esteem. This can also relate to online dating because I know that one of the biggest things holding women back from meeting in person is not feeling confident enough with themselves to meet face to face. Finding clothing that fits your body well and is fashionable can boost your confidence enough to make that step into meeting up and having a wonderful first date. You never know what you may be missing out on and if you exude confidence, your date will pick up on that.

I really love this plus size blue cold shoulder top. You will notice eventually that I am in love with cold shoulder tops. I think shoulders are sexy in every size, and most men find them sexy as well. Don't be afraid to show off your curves; embrace them and show them off a little bit!

This top has a V neck in the back which I love as well. This plus size cold sholder top comes in size 2X - 5X and you can get it for only $16.91!

I am also huge shoe-aholic. I love all kinds of shoes and boots. I love it that shoes fit feet of all sizes whether you are thin or fat, unless you need wider shoes for chubbier feet or need wide calf boots for fat calves like mine. I do hate the cold and snow in the winter time but it gives me a good reason to wear some super cute boots. I am in love with these:
I love the heel on these boots although they make me super tall since I am naturally 5ft 6.5in but if you don't mind the heel these would look killer with a sweet pair of jeans and the blue top above. They are on sale right right now for $21.64 and also come in light or dark brown as well as the black.

Now that you have another kick ass cheap plus size outfit, go out and have a blast with your new found confidence. If you go out on a first date, come back here and tell us all about it!!

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