Thursday, January 12, 2017

Online Dating: Beware of Military Man Scam

One of the scary things about the online dating world is that you really never know who it is you are talking to, and people can say anything, act anyway and you really have no way to know the difference until meeting them in person. That's the chance you have to make when it comes down to meeting in person. You may or may not have heard of the military man scam on almost all dating and social networking apps.

Desperate people will take advantage of the naive and gullible women and men who frequent online dating apps. These people will prey on those of us who are thirsty to find love and the fairy tale happily ever after. Unfortunately, there are people with big hearts who fall for this scam. These people think they are doing something kind for another person who they believe cares for them and wants to be with them, when in reality, this other person is just trying to steal money from them.

One of the biggest scams going around on online dating sites right now is what I call the Military Man scam. These people use photos of hot buff men showing off their army fatigues, and tell a story of how they are looking for their one true love to spend the rest of the life with. They typically have some sort of sappy heartstring pulling story about how their wife died and they are now a single parent of a small child, oh, and by the way, they are also deployed somewhere far, far away.

Military Man Photo Used For Dating Scams
This is an actual pic from one of these fake profiles. I'm sure the guy in the photo is actually a great guy and I'm sorry someone is using his photo to rob from others.

The conversation will start with him telling you that you are beautiful and striking up a conversation. He will ask a ton of questions about you, acting as if he is so into you and wants to know everything about you. He will then tell you his sad tear-jerking story (can you hear the violins playing?), so that you will say, "Oh, this poor guy, it's just so sad!" Then he will ask to message you on some other app like Kik or Whatsapp so that he can have you all to his self. It won't take long until he tells you that he is falling for you and he is beginning to love you (no, not the L word! ack!). He will make plans to spend the rest of his life with you once he gets back from his deployment.. but wait, in the meantime, something has come up! His daughter needs surgery? Or his son doesn't have anything to eat?! Or he needs money so that he can call his darling children.. and this is where he gets you! He will ask you to send him $500 or whatever amount of money. From what I have been told, if you refuse, he will continue to beg and beg, and if you still refuse he will call you every nasty name in the book and continue to tell you what a horrible woman you are for making his precious baby starve to death! Yes, to death!!

I can typically spot these scams from a mile away.  The first tip-off to me is when they speak broken English, but are supposed to be born in the United States. They will sometimes say things like, "I am called John". No one talks like that. I have attempted to stay engaged long enough to catch them in the money begging but I get bored easily or I get snappy back and tell them what a piece of shit they are for trying to rip people off. Whenever I call them out on being a scam artist, I get blocked immediately.

My comment was, "of course you are", and then I was blocked. These scammers are on all of the dating apps and even Facebook. So be on the lookout and don't trust anyone who looks too good to be true. Let's be honest, most soldiers who are deployed, are not going to have time to go onto dating sites. Another tip-off about these scams is that their profiles are very new and they typically only have a couple of photos of themselves (and very few friends when on networks like Facebook and MeetMe).

My biggest tip is to never, ever send anyone money that you don't know in real life. No matter what they say or do, DON'T DO IT! Don't fall for it. Trust your head, not your heart.

I think these online military man scams are absolutely disgusting. They are stealing photos from honorable soldiers who are putting their lives on the line, just to steal from others. Don't let them do it to you! Pass the word around, please.

What other scams are you finding on dating apps? Please share in the comments.

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