Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Truth About Being Fat

Fat shamers and pretty much anyone who has never been overweight or struggled with their weight can not possibly understand what it's like to BE overweight. You can't ever understand what it's like to be overweight both physically and mentally unless you have been there yourself.  I've been overweight since around the age of 5 or 6. I grew up being the fat kid. I learned my bad eating habits at a very young age and eventually food became my worst addiction.

As a child, I was off and on so many diets, I couldn't even guess how many it has been. I was constantly made fun of and tormented. It was not a fun child hood. I never fit right in the desks and I couldn't keep up in gym class. No one ever picked me to be on their time, no one.

Many overweight people like to argue that being overweight doesn't mean that you are unhealthy. They are correct on some levels. Despite being overweight for most of my life, I always had great cholesterol, my sugar levels were always fine, and my blood pressure was just about perfect. For a small period of time, I was put on blood pressure medicine which happened to be the same time I was going through the split from my now ex husband and my impending divorce. Once I got through that Hell, my blood pressure went back to being normal without needing medicine.
Fat Girl (The Criterion Collection)
This is what no one talks about when it comes to being fat. Many of you reading this may be happy with being overweight and able to embrace your body but here is the truth about being fat and what it's really like.

  • Not being able to shop for clothes with your other thinner friends
  • Going clothes shopping and crying because nothing will fit
  • Being out of breath going up and down stairs
  • Not having the ability to keep up with your thin friends when power walking or just being in a hurry
  • Being too embarrassed to wear a bathing suit to the pool or beach.
  • Being too insecure to wear a short skirt or a tank top.
  • Always worried that people are staring at you and are going to make fun of you.
  • Worried that you won't fit into a restaurant booth comfortably
  • Whenever someone doesn't like you or an argument starts with someone, their first response is to call you a "fat ass" or "fat"
  • Being embarrassed to tell anyone your weight
  • Feeling insecure in a restaurant or buffet as if everyone were watching you and/or judging you
  • When you have a boyfriend, being insecure with him touching your body or taking your clothes off with the lights on
  • Being too scared to sit on lawn furniture paranoid that you might break it and everyone will laugh
  • Getting on an amusement park ride and not being able to fit or the seat belt not fitting around you, and having to get off the ride in front of everyone
  • Little kids shouting, "look at that fat girl!"
These are just a few off of the top of my head. I'm sure I will have more to add to the list. Now that I am approaching 40, I am realizing how much damage this extra weight is doing to my body. First of all, I have noticed that I have gained some weight over the last year or so, despite not eating any more than I used to which leads me to believe that my metabolism is slowing down slower than it always has been .My knees are shit. All of those years with extra weight and pressure on my knees has ruined them and I will eventually need them replaced. My back is all fucked up and it has gotten worse over the last year, if I stand up or walk for an extended period of time my back is killing me. I have plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the heal and bottom of the foot), which is normally caused by running for long periods or time, or carrying extra weight. When this flares up, it is excruciatingly painful to walk.I'm out of breath quicker than usual. I have heart palpitations once in awhile. All of this extra fat on my body is finally catching up to me.
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This shit is getting out of hand and it's not fun being overweight. You will see the whole point of this post in my next post scheduled for this weekend. Stay tuned.

Does anyone else having anything to add to my list? Let us know in the comments!

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