Saturday, March 5, 2016

Ready to Meet?

It's a little scary meeting someone for the first time that you have only chatted with online. If you are like me, it's easier to open up and be myself through online chatting or texting just because I am a little shy when it comes to meeting in person. I always have this fear of rejection in the back of my head and it takes me awhile to become fully comfortable with someone to let my true self shine through.

It is completely up to YOU to decide when you are ready to meet someone in person. Don't let anyone persuade you into doing it if you are not comfortable. My advice is to not rush things. Get to know the person through chat. If you are like me, you can usually tell quickly if this person is someone worth the time and effort to get to know. Find out everything you can about this person What are they wanting out of this? Just sex? A relationship? Friendship?  What do they have going for them? Do they work? Have kids? A car? (you wouldn't believe how many men don't drive!). What do they want out of life?

You also have to decide if you think you would mesh well with this person. Do you have things in common? Do you share the same kind of sense of humor?

Let's be honest, the first thing people see is, well, YOU. I am very insecure with my looks, I will be the first to admit that. I know many, many women take pics angling down to hide their double chin and their body size. If you are seriously thinking about meeting up with someone, do not hide who you are. I have not had this happen myself, but I have heard stories of people literally walking away from someone when they meet in person or making up an excuse to leave right away. No one wants an awkward, embarrassing, hurtful incident to happen; no one. Suck it up and send a full body pic. I don't know about you, but I would much rather be rejected via a text message than in person. To be honest, I have only had a couple of people stop talking to me after sending a full body pic; the rest of them had no problem with how I look. Once the conversation begins to get a bit more serious, that is when I take a deep breath and send a body pic. It's kind of a test for me now, to see who is going to stick around and like me for ME.

If you feel that you are ready to meet face to face, be sure to do it somewhere in public. Make plans to meet at a restaurant, a bowling alley, or anywhere else in public. "Netflix and chill" is code for sex. If he says, "yeah, why don't we just have a few drinks, watch movies and get to know each other", it pretty much means he is just looking for sex. Watching movies and talking sounds like a great idea, if that's all you do, but first of all, it's not safe. If you go to a stranger's home or he comes to yours, anything could happen. He could hurt you, rape you, anything. How much do you know about this person? Do you know his full name?

Just remember, people can say anything via chat. He may seem like the nicest guy in the world but could be a schitzophrenic, psychotic, pervert in person who only wants one thing from you.. or worse. Be careful Don't trust everyone. I've learned this the hard way. Men (and women) will say anything to charm their way into earning your trust. Have your guard up at all times. If someone seems "off", go with your gut feeling. If the first date goes well, then you can take things from there.

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